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Intuitive Eye

"When I started to work with Alison I had no doubt that she would be able to help me get rid of some clutter. What I wasn't expecting was that she would find aspects of that clutter that I didn't even realize were bothering me. After those things were fixed, the whole area looked and felt so much better!"  

B. Simonetti 2022


"Alison comes up with a plan, lays out the plan, and then asks what I think. She doesn’t just tell me what I should do. She makes sure I understand what she is suggesting and that I want to go ahead with it. It feels very respectful."

S. King 2022 

Improves My Day

"The reorganization of my closet has been great, really great. The new system works! It affects the start of my day and makes the whole day better. Oh, my gosh! It really makes a difference!”

S. Stevens 2022

No More Stress

"After months of trying to organize my apartment I knew I needed help. I reached out to Alison who was very affordable, flexible and communicated with me through the whole process - before during and after. She taught me strategies.  I was able to follow through with her techniques and now love how organized everything is! 

Dani, Brooklyn Aug. 2020

On average, we all have more stuff than we can manage and not enough time to keep it organized.

We can help.